Should I Have Sex Daily?

So many couples have sex without a good knowledge of positive things it could offer them physically and psychologically. It is quite unfortunate that many more have sex for procreation reasons. Sex is far more than that.

Sexual affair is fun and pleasure that cuts across the whole being of man – spirit, soul and body. Each time you have ever been in the mood foe intercourse, your aim is just to find relief from the excitement of your sexual system. Hardly would anyone think that such an act of intimacy has other benefits to offer the body.

If you have been brainwashed by religious and societal beliefs that sex is a vulgar subject that should not be discussed, you will never be able to appreciate how sexuality adds more value to your life and how it can enhance your life and health.

Here are 3 of the good values of sexual union in a relationship. These values are not myth or anecdote; they have been proved scientifically.

1. Sex Relieves Stress

It’s proven that sex helps to lower blood pressure and also reduces stress. A recent survey in which a number of men and women were subjected to stressful situations revealed that those who maintained good sexual activities had their blood pressure responded very well to stress compared to those abstained from sex.

2. Sex Reduces Blood Pressure

Having sexual intercourse often and often has been linked directly to lower diastolic blood pressure. Somehow women experience lower blood pressure when they receive hugs from their partners. Note that high blood pressure increases the risk for ailments like heart attack, coronary artery disease, stroke, and kidney disease.

3. Sex Enhances Your General Well-Being

Sex engenders intimacy, and when you are fond of something or someone, you will have a friendly and loving response towards such. Besides, sex boosts your self-esteem and enhances your general well-being. The sexier you become (as long as it is good sex), the happier and the healthier and happier you will be.

So, you have to change your orientation about what sexual love is all about so that you can harness its therapeutic power to your advantage. If romance before sex is also good for the body, how much more when you are engaged in sex itself?

If you want to get back into the sex to enjoy its benefits, you need sex re-activation. Avail yourself of these benefits.

Multiple Orgasms: How to Make Her Want More Sex

One of the most challenging issues in any marital relationship is the desire for mutually gratifying sexual love between couples. It is a statement of fact that most women have not had the experience of multiple orgasms since their honeymoon. Here, you would see some simple things that will take your relationship to an electrifying level.

Don’t anticipate multiple orgasms until you have been able to help your wife reach simple climax in your sex life. Everything works in phases. Does she enjoy sex? Does she reach an orgasm each time you have romance? If she does, then there are chances that you will be able to take her to the level of multiple orgasms. If the woman has orgasmic dysfunction, she won’t readily respond to your advances.

Now, how can a man give more than one orgasm to a woman in a single sexual encounter? The basic thing is that you must be able to maintain your erection for a longer time. You need good sex stamina. Today, you can find many tips on this issue of penile erection. On the average, most men may not be able to have longer erection. Here is one of the simple ways to achieve the aim of multiple orgasms.

Woman First!

After adequate foreplay (kissing, fondling of the breasts, and light stroking of the clitoral region, etc), ensure that she reaches climax before you ejaculate. Improve you male power with this supplement.

Many people think that sex is over after man’s ejaculation. No! Even though, your penis goes flaccid, start the romantic foreplay about 5 or 10 minutes later. The woman will still be at the resolution phase after orgasm. Stimulate each other. Let her stroke your manhood while you kiss her and fondle her breasts. You will soon regain your erection.

After gaining your penile erection, you would observe that the influx of blood to the penis will be quite intense. You may even feel some uneasiness as if it aches. Thrust into her immediately while her clitoral region is being lightly stroked in sync with you thrusting. This is to keep her lubricated the more. Alternatively you could adopt a style in which your penis will stroke her clit.

Soon, she will reach her climax while you still feel turgid down there. As you continue, she will be stimulated, but this time, the orgasm will come more quickly.

You can stop now and give her little more by going down again. Inhale fresh scent of her orgasmic fluid and lick it dip by dip. Look into her eyes and say ‘it’s sweet & I love it’. This will make her want you more again and again!

If your erection is still kept, she will cum as many times as possible. In all, make sure she is well lubricated. Otherwise, it will become painful. You may quickly apply some oil to her vulva and clit for more lubrication.

With these simple steps, you should be able to give multiple orgasms to your wife and take her to a memorable state of excitement. Well, if this method does not suit you, you can experiment with other ones as suggested by experienced individuals.